govy is an award-winning French artist (born in 1981) diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in 2013, and is an advocate for the Neurodiversity Movement.

Her work has been exhibited internationally at the Zendai MoMA of Shanghai, Triennale Design Museum of Milan, WIELS Contemporary Art Center of Brussels, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum of Naples, Rosario Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Fe (Argentina) and Nuit Blanche of Paris.

Notably recognised for her interactive art piece “Photographic Diary” (2001 – 2002), and the series of Shibari installations “Serial Bondage” (2006 – 2013) which incorporates her peculiar fascination with Japanese rituals and aesthetics.

Since 2015 govy has been focusing more on science and space, and is currently working on the concept of spacetime (or the 4th dimension) with the “SpaceTime Coordinates” projects.